Is Mystery Shopping Real?

Is Mystery Shopping Real? The idea that someone would pay you to shop for clothes, try new foods, enjoy a spa outing, or test drive your favorite car model may sound too good to be true. Someone sends you promotional material for a mystery shopping opportunity or for a firm that offers such opportunities and intrigued - or perhaps flat out doubtful - you ask, “Is it legitimate?” “Why would a company pay you to do what you normally do?” “What’s in it for them?”. If you’re considering becoming a mystery shopper, you’ve [...]

How to Become a Mystery Shopper

How to Become a Mystery Shopper Hey there. You found this page, so something's obviously sparked your interest in mystery shopping. Maybe it's that friend who's constantly showing off her "free" goodies on Instagram. Or maybe you've been exploring options for bringing in some extra income and you came across our article. Or perhaps you're a growing business in the hospitality industry, and you're considering mystery shopping as a way to up your game in customer service. With the wealth of information and resources on mystery shopping available on the internet and elsewhere, and [...]

Get Better Results as a Mystery Shopper

Get Better Results as a Mystery Shopper While it is generally true that you don’t need any special training to become a mystery shopper, you will find that some people excel and get better results than others. These seeming super shoppers score multiple gigs at a time, write about their premium experiences, generate consistent income – and you wonder, “How do they do it?!" Consider this: companies utilize mystery shoppers to gather essential customer service intel, which they use to make better business decisions that will ultimately affect the bottom line. It goes without [...]

Beware Mystery Shopping Scams

Beware Mystery Shopping Scams Opportunities abound for rewarding work as a secret shopper, with more and more companies turning to mystery shopping to gather valuable information about how their services and products are perceived by customers. The internet provides a way for would-be secret shoppers to connect with legitimate mystery shopping providers and opportunities; however, as with all situations that don’t involve a face-to-face interaction, there is need to pay special caution when signing up for mystery shopping jobs online. The occasional scammer has been known to lurk in the shadows or masquerade [...]

Become A Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopping 101: Your Guide To Getting Started Most people would agree: getting paid to eat out at restaurants, go shopping, or test-drive new cars would be awesome. Think about it - trips to your favorite stores, indulging in fine wines, sitting down to enjoy a 5 star Michelin chef-prepared meal, all the while knowing you don’t have to spend a penny. The stuff of dreams, right? The dream is really not that far away. Whether you’re a freelance worker looking for additional revenue streams, or you’re saving up for [...]