Hotel Mystery Shopping

Hotel Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is fast becoming companies’ preferred mechanism for gathering insights and vital, real-time feedback regarding customer perceptions of their products and services.

For companies in the hospitality industry, where the services offered are largely intangible and difficult to measure objectively at the point of sale, mystery shopping offers a particularly effective solution for measuring customer experience.

As a luxury service provider, it is also in the best interest of your business to discover for yourself any gaps in service delivery before paying customers do, especially in the age of social media, when reputations can be marred or made with just a few characters of text.

The next best thing to putting on a disguise and checking in at one of your hotels is engaging someone to do so for you. And that’s where mystery shoppers or service evaluators come in.

Objective Customer Insights

In the information age, brand management has been democratized, and prospective clients are more likely to derive perceptions (and make decisions) about your brand from an influencer’s social media post than they are from your tagline. It is, therefore, a matter of necessity to stay ahead of the conversation by keeping a close eye on customer experience indices.

Traditional feedback mechanisms such as comment cards, follow up calls, or direct interaction with the client, may not always be sufficient in today’s changing customer service landscape.

Most of the customers who take time to fill out comment cards are probably just a small fraction of your customer base. Usually, they belong to one of two opposite ends of the experience spectrum – really impressed with your services and eager to let you know; or upset about their experience and eager to let you know. Is this small sample of customers enough to make sound business decisions?

Another consideration is the fact that individual experiences are usually subjective, and though they may be valid, subjective feedback cannot always be relied upon as indicators of customer service effectiveness.

Why Utilize A Mystery Shopping Evaluator?

Hospitality evaluators (mystery shoppers) are savvy observers and consumers of services and experiences in the hospitality industry. They pay attention to relevant details at every touchpoint, gather valuable, first-hand data – right from booking to checking in and checking out from the hotel – and they collate their findings into useful insights for their client companies.

In addition to gathering intel for decision-making purposes, adopting the practice of engaging evaluators for your hotel may prove additionally beneficial by keeping your employees performing at their best –  the realization that any guest could be a potential mystery shopper provides an incentive to maintain optimal standards. Mystery shopping could also provide an avenue to obtain positive feedback and reward employees who excel.

Hotels all over the world use hotel mystery shopping companies to evaluate performance in sales and customer service, and to gather insights about trends within the industry. Your competitor is already using mystery shoppers to evaluate their performance. Also, consider this – a mystery shopper might even have visited your hotel to assess your services.

Are You Ready to Engage a Mystery Shopping Evaluator?

Now that you’re convinced, the next step is to partner with a credible firm that can connect you with talented mystery shoppers with specialized experience in the hospitality industry.

At Coyle Hospitality, we engage only experienced shoppers who are well acquainted with best practices within the industry. The shoppers who will evaluate your location understand the objectives of employee engagement, service, and customer satisfaction, and they are able to draw on their knowledge to gather objective insights for your hotel.

With a client base and reach that extends across over 90 countries, and a growing database of shoppers familiar with the industry, you can be assured of the best possible outcomes.

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